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REFERENCE NUMBER  2017-1-RO01-KA201-037188


 6-12  MAY 2018

Headmaster of the school: Krzysztof Komórkiewicz  

Coordinator of the project: Renata Stadnik-Komórkiewicz



Sunday  6/05/2018

            Arrival of our partners at F. Chopin Airport in Warsaw and Balice Airport in Kraków.Students meet with famlies in front  of the Sandomiria Pensionl in Sandomierz and spend the rest of the day with them. Teachers are accommodated in the hotel.


Monday 7/05/2018

8.00- 8.30       Breakfast - students with families at home

9.00- 11.00     Welcome and official opening

Reception at school or in the House of  Culture in Gorzyce.  General introduction of the school by host school teachers and students. Meeting with school staff.

  • Official welcome  address by the headmaster of the school Mr. Krzysztof Komórkiewicz

  • Hymns of all countries: UE,  Rumunia, Turcja, Słowacja, Macedonia, Polska

  • Short  addresses by the headmaster- Mr. Krzysztof Komórkiewicz, and the host school coordinator- Mrs. Renata Stadnik-Komórkiewicz

  • A song by our student Nazar Borsulia

  • Introduction of  all  delegations.

  • Performance by Focus Group - Mrs. Barbara DeVille 

  • The History of  Poland " The system of  Education in Poland" " Getting to know us  even better"- "Polish culture and traditions"- multimedia presentations-  Mr. Marek Belotti, Mrs. Renata Stadnik-Komórkiewicz     

12.30-13.30    Lunch at  school. All the guests will taste traditional Polish snacks  prepared by Polish teachers and students and they  may record short videos  and take photos. Mrs. Małgorzata Laskowska and Mrs Marta Trela

  1. Team building activity- newspaper tower builing by all groups. Contest.- Mrs Edyta Hajdo and Mrs. Renata Stadnik-Komórkiewicz    

14.30-16.00    Lesson 2

Introduction to Polish culture- a dance from the 18th century by Mrs. Elżbieta Opiela, Mrs. Anna Furman    

14.30-16.00    Teachers' meeting. Discussing and distribiuting of tasks. Evaluation of activities- Mrs. Renata Stadnik-Komórkiewicz

16.00-16.15    Short performance by students for teachers. Presenting their work.

16.15               Evaluation of the day. End of activities. Students return to the host families and teachers  to the hotel Dinner


Tuesday 8/05/2018

9.00-11.00      Lesson 3

Visiting  Baranowski Castle. Guided tour and digital recording of the Castle in Baranów Sandomierski.

Quest activities- Ice-breakers-getting to know each other better.

11.30-12.30    Lesson 4

Visiting the Christmas tree baubles Museum in Nowa Dęba. Taking part in workshop of decorating baubles. Digital recordings of each phase of production baubles.

13.00-14.00    Lunch in Nowa Dęba in Dębianka Restaurant

15.00-17.00    Lesson 5

Visit  "The Bajka Stable"  in Kępie Zaleszańskie. Learning how to look after horses, learning how to ride a horse,  how to de-stress and relax and how to deal with emotions.  Bonfire- spending time in a quiet place close to nature.

17.00               Evaluation of the day.

17.30               Return to the hotel students to host families. Dinner. Time spend with families



Wednesday 9/05/2018

8.00                 Breakfast at homes

9.00-10.00      Lesson 6

Craft  activity- photo frames.  Making a mother's Day gifts. Mrs. Małgorzata Laskowska, Mrs. Edyta Hajdo and Mrs. Renata Stadnik-Komórkiewicz

10.00-12.00    Lesson 7

Workshps: "How to make a good digital photograph- creating the Best Collage in international groups Mrs. Marek Belotti and Mr. Marian Sikora

12.00-13.00    Lunch at school

13.00-14.00    Lesson 8

Lecture and training: "Digital Photography"" Cameras now and in the past" by Mr. Kiełbasa

Sport Competitions: "How stress affects  performance" by Mrs. Edyta Hajdo, Mrs. Marta Trela

15.00-17.00    Lesson 10

Workshops: " Making biscuits decorating them" " How to work well in groups"-Mrs. Elżbieta Opiela and  Mrs.Anna Furman with Jagoda Team

17.00                          Evaluation of the day.  Teachers return to the hotel  or sightseeing Sandomierz on their own and students to host families. Learning about Polish customs and traditions.


Thursday 10/05/2018

6.00                 Breakfast at home. Packed lunch for the trip.

7.00                 Departure from Sandomierz

11.25               Sightseeing/ guided tour in The Salt Mine in Wieliczka

13.30               Lunch in the Salt Mine underground

15.30               Cruise on the Vistula River. Sightseeing Kraków from the boat.

16.30               Sightseeing/ walk in the Old Town of Krakow

19.00               Free time in the Krakow Square

20.00               The end of the trip departure to Sandomierz and Gorzyce

Friday 11/05/2018

8.00                 Breakfast at the hotel

9.00-10.00      Workshop 11

Preparing the multimedia presentations for the evening with the use of  Google Keep App. Teachers  and students will produce presentations/films, using the photos and videos they took during the whole week. -  Mr. Marek Belotti and Mr. Marian Sikora

9.00-10.00      Lesson 12

Music as a therapy."The Road" by Havasi- how to deal with emotions? by

Mrs. Renata Stadnik-Komórkiewicz

10.00-12.00    Lesson 13

Warm-up games  by each group - Turkey-quelling, Romania, Macedonia, Slovakia and  Poland-origami. ( each country one game or  an activity)

12.00-13.00    Lesson 14

Planting  5 trees  of  friendship - team building activities. Mr. Stanisław Orłowski, Mrs. Sonka and Mrs. Renata Stadnik-Komórkiewicz

13.00-14.00    Lunch break.  Rolls at school

14.00 - 15.00  Lesson 15

Working with Robots as a way to cope with stress and anxiety better than other conventional intervention methods by  Mr. Marek Belotti and Mrs. Marian Sikora

15.00-16.00    Certificates delivery

  • Closing address  by Mr. Krzysztof Komórkiewicz and  Mrs. Renata Stadnik-Komórkiewicz

  • Awarding of official certificates

  • Mentimeter  or Kahoot Contest “What do You Know About Poland  and Our School Now?”

  • Closing event: Songs by Natalia Kiljańska and Sylwia Krzaczkowska

16.00-16.30    Evaluation of the entire week of the meeting in Gorzyce.

16.30               Teachers sigtseeing Sandomierz. Students time spend with families. Dinner.

18.00               Departure of our guests from Macedonia and Slovakia.

Saturday 12/05/2018

According to the schedule of each team departure of our guests. 

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